About Us

Who We Are

Founded in 2021 in New York - Castle & Gazelle is a watch design company that celebrates art & design from the Islamic world. We sought out striking examples of Islamic design and paired these with a vision for simple, modern, and elegant watches. We have created timepieces that catch the eye and testify to the beauty and timelessness of the Islamic visual arts.

Our Name

Castle & Gazelle is a named for a famous clepsydra or water clock invented in 11th century Spain by the designer Ibn Khalaf al-Muradi. This ingenious mechanism created 400 years before the birth of Leonardo DaVinci was early engineering marvel and testament to the Islamic world's early contribution to time-keeping.

Time meets place

Each of our designs tells is unique story and speaks to a unique architectural site or a style of art. What do these pieces mean to you? Share your thoughts and experiences by linking with us on social media.